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Lavender Massage Oil 250mg CBD

Lavender Massage Oil 250mg CBD

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Introducing our Hemp Infused Lavender Massage Oil, a luxurious blend crafted to enhance your massage experience. This premium oil combines the natural benefits of hemp extract with the soothing essence of lavender essential oil, offering a unique and holistic approach to relaxation and wellness. With 250 mg of CBD, our massage oil is designed to provide a serene and therapeutic massage session.


- Relaxation: Lavender essential oil is renowned for its calming properties, which can help to reduce stress and promote a sense of peace and relaxation. Combined with the gentle touch of a massage, this oil can help to soothe the mind and body.

- Skin Nourishment: Hemp extract is rich in omega fatty acids, which are known to moisturize and nourish the skin. Our massage oil can leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and rejuvenated.

- Muscle Relief: The CBD content in our massage oil may assist in relieving muscle tension and discomfort. It's a natural approach to helping your body unwind after a long day or a strenuous workout.

- Aromatherapy: The aromatic properties of lavender not only provide a pleasant scent but also enhance the massage experience through aromatherapy, promoting overall well-being.

Product Features:

- Contains 250 mg of high-quality CBD
- Infused with pure lavender essential oil for a soothing aroma
- Crafted with natural hemp extract for skin nourishment and relaxation
- Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin
- Free from harmful chemicals and additives
- Easy-to-use and non-greasy formula

Experience the harmonious blend of nature's finest elements with our Hemp Infused Lavender Massage Oil. Whether you're looking to unwind after a hectic day or treat your skin to a nourishing touch, this massage oil is your go-to solution for a tranquil and therapeutic experience.

Transform your massage routine into a blissful escape. Embrace the natural path to relaxation and wellness with our Hemp Infused Lavender Massage Oil.

*Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*

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